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mardi 2 octobre 2012


October 2, 2012 - Paul Dion - Picasa Web Albums: Click link below for all pictures

Welcome to a very great day.  This was September 16, 2012 in Moreno Valley, California, USA.  It was a day when the six people standing before the altar knew that the memories of Jose Nacu, Ike LaPuebla and Romy Seleccion were being consecrated and engraved forever in their souls.  This small community has taken root in the Southern part of California because of the single minded efforts of the above named missionaries. 
They had help.  Ron Beauchemin was instrumental through his prayers and his selfless pursuit of documentation that he provided from the files of the Lay La Salette community from the Northeastern corner of the USA.  Fathers Dennis Meyer and Joe Bachand put some marvelous icing on the cake in the process that brought us this far.  These are the people who grabbed Our Lady of LaSalette by the hem of her skirt and would not let go until some Moreno Valley stones turned into sheaves of wheat.
The road that brought this little community here is long and winding.  Like so many other adventurous paths, it required patience, understanding, mutuality, collaboration and downright, "do 'til you die" reconciliation.  It is a road that still has a far off horizon.  It is a horizon that is not always clear because of the mountainous terrain that has to be negotiated.  It passes through gaps of heavenly grace bounded on both sides by Alps of competing human interests.  It took nearly six years to get where it is today.  Who knows what the next six years will bring?  The young community has now begun to carve out its way through the mountains to the future.  Much has to be done.  More dedicated members must be invited, trained and formed.  The organizational processes have to be defined and put into place.  Community life of the committed six has to be defined through its prayer practices.  Mary and Her Son are waving His arm over us in blessing.  
Now that all the heavy lifting is just about finished, it seems to be time to invite the La Salette friends and alumni within the sound of our voice to consider the call of Our Lady of La Salette to "Come near, my Children.  Do not be afraid."  The invitation is a challenge.  The response to the challenge is a reward so great and so deep that it cannot be described in human terms.  Pray over it.  If you hear Her voice, let us know and we will help you to listen.

L to R: Rita Santos; Maurice Cardinal; Leticia Cadelina; Joven Junio, Isabel Dion;
Fred Costales; David Lara-Tellez; Arlan Intal; Wally Arida; Paul Dion
Background:  Joseph with Jesus in his arms;  Our Lady of Guadalupe and
Our Lady of La Salette.