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jeudi 24 novembre 2011


""Do you pray well,my children?"  This is a very probing question.  It is one that we should ask ourselves every day.  When we finish our answer, we listen to the advice of Our Mother, "...say at least an Our Father and a Hail Mary."  Brothers and Sisters, we have heard these words originally from the Son when He counseled His disciples with nearly the same words.
This is the time of the first Sunday of Advent.  We will be spending the next month carrying the image of the Baby Jesus in our heads and our hearts.  Let's join together in a union of prayer and vow to pray at least an extra Our Father and a Hail Mary for one another during this preparation for the celebration of the Incarnation.  Finally, in the words of our Holy Mother, if we have more time, let's do more.
Brazil -- Mario Apone
             We have had a successful annual meeting of all the La Salette Lay Associates.  We presented the graphic images of the Holy Mother of La Salette from the United States and other countries.  I also have to tell you that I have been re-elected as the head coordinator of the association for another three year term.
              We are happy that the Prayer Booklet of the Way of Life has been translated into English for the United States and then sent to Pierrot in France to be translated into French.

Mario in the center.

Philippines -- Marlene Maristela
      The Philippines had a general meeting of Lay Associates on November 19.  Here is the short email.

I would like to share with you a copy of my talk in front of the Ina ng Pag-Asa Quezon  City Chapter Candidates for Lay Associates last November 19, 2011. Please see the attached Word file. I also sent Pierrot a copy and he asked me if he can translate it to French. He would like to share it with the sisters. I told him to forward to Anne Marie, of France, too, as I am quite close to her too. [The report is attached to the email in .PDF format.]
In addition, we had a Powerpoint presentation which narrated the event at the Shrine, The Objectives and Methodologies of our Encounter, The presentation of Bridge or Fence in Tagalog Version, the presentation of our “Inculturated drawing of Our Lady” and the Ten Commandments of Reconciliation. The file is too long , it might occupy your file if I send it. Nevertheless,   I am just so happy and inspired to let you know about it also.
May God continually bless  you and your family with good health, love, joy, inner peace and security.
Love always,
USA -- West Coast -- Southern California
Fr. Maurice Cardinal, MS, spiritual guide of the Lay Associates Community in Southern California is doing very well getting through radiology treatments.  He has but six more to go and he still has his hair! 
There are four candidates for this new community.  There will be a one day retreat on December 17 and the celebration of the Rite of Welcome for them at the 10:00 AM Mass on Sunday, December 18.  Pictures and short identifying bios will be forthcoming.
The "Father" of the U.S La Saleatte Lay Associate Community, Fr. Gilles Genest, MS has become critically ill.  Let us accompany him with our prayers. 
Reunion -- Yvonnique

Je vais bien ainsi que ma famille, Notre rencontre c'est très bien passée, je vous dirai plus prochainement.
Je vous dis bonne journée, et Merci pour vos prières, tout est rentré dans l'ordre, la Réunion respire 


I and my family are well.  Our general meeting went very well.  I will report more soon.  I wish you all a happy day and express my gratitude to you for your prayers.  Every is back in order, the Island of Reunion breathes fresh, friendly air.

mercredi 16 novembre 2011


Our special day. Our Lady's day
Notre jour special.  Le jour de la Belle Dame.
Nuestro dia especial.  Dia de la Belle Dame.
Nostro giorno speciale. 
                                  Giorno de la Belle Dame
Le dynamisme du monde Saletin ne ralentit jamais.
El dynamismo del mundo Saletino nunca ralenta.
El dinamismo del mondo Saletino mai si scomette.


So many things are happening.  The dynamism of the La Salette World never relents.  Don't you just love it?  Let's start with some good news.
This group of Lay Associates is the seed from which the movement grew in North America.  The sower is Father Gilles Genest, MS and his name and his work are revered throughout the community.  Father is not very well at this moment.  He is in a convalescent home and in need of our prayers.
It is essential to note that attached to this community are two other regional groups.  One not far from the National Shrine of Attleboro, Massachusetts and the other centered on the mid-western city of St. Louis, Missouri.  All the members of this community are invited to the annual meeting of the Lay Associates which takes place in the Autumn of every year.  In 2012 it is scheduled for November 1 and will be held in Attleboro, Massachusetts.
The farthest delegation at the meeting is the one from California.  The California community is beginning to take shape and the blessing and grace for that is the sincere hospitality and support of the community represented by those in the photo featured here.  Paul and Isabel Dion began to appear at the annual meeting some four years ago and the reception was always blessed by warm and loving hospitality.  The Missionaries and the Lay Associates embraced our presence from the very beginning.  The power of their life as a community is beginning to make itself felt all the way across the vastness of the continent.  A new shoot is pushing through and soon, soon, we say, the flowers will be there proffering their sweet aroma for all to enjoy.
The PowerPoint of the choice to be a Bridge or a Fence has now been translated into English, Spanish, French, Polish and Tagalog.  The Tagalog version will have its public premier on Saturday, November 19, fittingly enough.
Le diaporama Pont ou Cloture sera montre en public pour la premiere fois en Tagalog ce samedi, 19 novembre.  C'est juste et propre, n'est-ce pas?
El diaporama de la eleccion entre Puente o Cerca de proyectera en Tagalog para la primera vez el 19 Noviembre.  Este PowerPoint existe en 6 idiomas ahora.  

Antonella, l'Azzura che abita Torino si prepara per andare a Roma e Napoli i giorni 25 a 27 di questo mese.  La, rincontrara gruppi de Laici Saletini per mostrare fotografie e pregare per tutti noi.  Appogiamoli con le nostre preghiere.
Antonella, our Italian sister who lives in Torino is preparing for her trip to Rome and Naples [November 25 to 27] to meet with the Salettinian communities there.  She will no doubt share photos and lead prayers for us all.  Let's join them and support them in our prayers.
Antonella, notre soeur qui habite Turin se prepare pour aller a Rome et Naples pour diriger les prieres et autres affaires des communautes de laics qui se trouvent la sous son influence. [Novembre 25 a 27]  Accompagnons-les avec nos prieres.
Me fio que los Argentinos y Brasileiros pueden entender el Italiano y entonces no repito lo que he escrito ya...:-)

Marlene, la operadora de la projectora durante el encuentro y su companera Elizabeth juntas con el Padre Marcelino son encabezados de la reunion de los laicos en las Filipinas.  Esta junta se llevara a cabo el 19 de este mes al santuario de Nuestra Senora de La Salette ubicado en Silang, Cavite, unos 40 kilometros al nord de Manila.  
Marlene, [elle menageait le projecteur durant le rencontre] Elizabeth et le pere Marcelino dirigeront la reunion des laics aux Philippines le 19 novembre.  Cecis aura lieu a Silang, Cavite, le lieu du sanctuaire de Notre Dame de LaSalette qui est situe a peu pret 40 kilometres au nord de Manille.
Marlene, she who took care of the projector for Father Adilson at the sessions, Elizabeth and Father Marcelino are going to lead the meeting of the Lay Associates in the Philippines on the 19th of this month.  This will be held at the La Salette Shrine in Silang, Cavite, some 40 kilometres north of Manila.

Danny, the very sick young boy is doing better.  Thank you, God.
Danny, le jeune homme tres malade est chez-lui et va beaucoup mieux.
Dieu merci.
Danny, el joven muy enfermo esta andando mejor, gracias a Dios.

Words of a disconsolate mother:

Thank you for your loving prayers.The latest I heard about Lawrence is that he is in the safe room. It's where they put new residents to adapt alone & he is guarded.  If only I can tell him to cooperate for he has no other choice,but up to date,we are not yet permitted to see or talk to him.We need your prayers all the more!
Palabras de una madre desconsolada:
Gracias por sus últimas rezadas.  Lawrence esta todavia en la recamera fuerte.  Es donde se ponen los nuevos residentes que deben adaptarse solo que son vigilados. Si sólo puedo decirle a cooperar porque no tiene otra opción.   Pero hasta la fecha, todavía no estamos autorizados a ver o hablar con el.   Necesitamos de sus oraciones, aún más!
Les paroles d'une mere desolee:
Merci pour vos  prieres pleines d'amour.   La derniere foi que j'ai entendu parler de Laurent est qu'il est dans la chambre de securite.  C'est où  sont mis les nouveaux résidents qui doivent s'adapter seuls et ils sont surveilles. Si seulement je pourrait lui dire de coopérer car il n'a pas d'autre choix.   Mais jusqu'à maintenant, nous ne sommes pas permis de le voir ni de lui parler. Nous avons tellement besoin de vos prières. 

jeudi 10 novembre 2011


Padre Isidro, Superior de la Provincia de la Inmaculada Concepcion, Brasil...Rogamos al Senor!
Lo consideramos como superior general de los laicos
Provincial Superior of Brazil, Superior General of the Salettinian Laity  -- We pray to the Lord
Superieur provincial du Bresil, Superieur General des laics saletins   --  Prions le Seigneur

Bridges and Fences  -- Ponts et Clotures -- Puentes y Cercas  -- Ponti e Inchiostri -- Tulay at Bakod
Through the effort of many minds and many hearts, the translation of the Power Point Show,Bridges and Fences has been successfully translated into Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines.  It has been delivered to Marlene and Elizabeth.  They will present it to the Lay Community of the Philippines at their general meeting on November 19.  Pray for them.  
Pray also for the generous collaborators who contributed much time and effort to this project, Marlene, Elizabeth, in the Philippines, and surely Father Marcelino, as well as Wally Arida in California. 
A través del esfuerzo de mentes y corazones de mucha gente generosa, la traducción de el diaporama Power Point, Puentes y Cercas se ha traducido con buen éxito al Tagalog, el idioma nacional de las Filipinas. Se ha entregado a Marlene y Elizabeth. Se dará cuenta a la comunidad laica de las Filipinas, en la asamblea general de los laicos el 19 de noviembre. Oremos por ellos.
Oremos también por los colaboradores generosos que han contribuido mucho tiempo y esfuerzo a este proyecto, Marlene, Elizabeth, en Filipinas, y seguramente Padre Marcelino, así como Wally Arida, en California.

Grâce aux efforts de nombreux esprits et des cœurs de plusieurs gens genereux, la traduction du diaporama Power Point, "Ponts et Clôtures" a été correctement traduit en tagalog, la langue nationale des Philippines. Il a été remis à Marlène et Elizabeth. Ils vont le présenter à la communauté laïque des Philippines à leur assemblée générale le 19 Novembre. Priez pour eux.
Priez aussi pour les collaborateurs qui ont contribué généreusement beaucoup de temps et d'efforts pour ce projet, Marlene, Elisabeth, aux Philippines, et sûrement le Père Marcelino, ainsi que Wally Arida en Californie.

Nous passons maintenant aux urgences spirituelles de nos confreres laics.
David Lara Tellez, Califournie pour sa fille de 24 ans qui fait combat contre un attaque virulent de diabetis.  Elle a faillit nous laisse. 
David's daughter who is 24 years old is fighting a vicious attack of diabetes.  She'son her way back.  She needs us.
La hija de David lucha corragiosamiente contro la diabetis.  Ella,con el ayuda de Diois conquisto la muerte esta vez.  Esta recomponiendo se.  La familla ocupa nuestro apoyo espiritual.

The province of Ina ng Pag-Asa [Mother of Hope - Philippines] has a new provincial council.  Let us pray for them.
Thank God that the wildfire on the Island of Reunion has been tamed and is no longer a threat.

A los amigos de Argentina:  Nuestro hijo, Marc, tiene amigos Argentinos en Los Angeles.  Ellos giren un Restaurant de comida Argentiniana.  Mi hijo nos regalo una jarra de chimichurra.  Hmmmm....  Gracias Argentina.

Con abrazos a todos -- Hugs and hugs -- Bises et bisous (bisoux ?) a tous et a toutes, surement!