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jeudi 24 novembre 2011


""Do you pray well,my children?"  This is a very probing question.  It is one that we should ask ourselves every day.  When we finish our answer, we listen to the advice of Our Mother, "...say at least an Our Father and a Hail Mary."  Brothers and Sisters, we have heard these words originally from the Son when He counseled His disciples with nearly the same words.
This is the time of the first Sunday of Advent.  We will be spending the next month carrying the image of the Baby Jesus in our heads and our hearts.  Let's join together in a union of prayer and vow to pray at least an extra Our Father and a Hail Mary for one another during this preparation for the celebration of the Incarnation.  Finally, in the words of our Holy Mother, if we have more time, let's do more.
Brazil -- Mario Apone
             We have had a successful annual meeting of all the La Salette Lay Associates.  We presented the graphic images of the Holy Mother of La Salette from the United States and other countries.  I also have to tell you that I have been re-elected as the head coordinator of the association for another three year term.
              We are happy that the Prayer Booklet of the Way of Life has been translated into English for the United States and then sent to Pierrot in France to be translated into French.

Mario in the center.

Philippines -- Marlene Maristela
      The Philippines had a general meeting of Lay Associates on November 19.  Here is the short email.

I would like to share with you a copy of my talk in front of the Ina ng Pag-Asa Quezon  City Chapter Candidates for Lay Associates last November 19, 2011. Please see the attached Word file. I also sent Pierrot a copy and he asked me if he can translate it to French. He would like to share it with the sisters. I told him to forward to Anne Marie, of France, too, as I am quite close to her too. [The report is attached to the email in .PDF format.]
In addition, we had a Powerpoint presentation which narrated the event at the Shrine, The Objectives and Methodologies of our Encounter, The presentation of Bridge or Fence in Tagalog Version, the presentation of our “Inculturated drawing of Our Lady” and the Ten Commandments of Reconciliation. The file is too long , it might occupy your file if I send it. Nevertheless,   I am just so happy and inspired to let you know about it also.
May God continually bless  you and your family with good health, love, joy, inner peace and security.
Love always,
USA -- West Coast -- Southern California
Fr. Maurice Cardinal, MS, spiritual guide of the Lay Associates Community in Southern California is doing very well getting through radiology treatments.  He has but six more to go and he still has his hair! 
There are four candidates for this new community.  There will be a one day retreat on December 17 and the celebration of the Rite of Welcome for them at the 10:00 AM Mass on Sunday, December 18.  Pictures and short identifying bios will be forthcoming.
The "Father" of the U.S La Saleatte Lay Associate Community, Fr. Gilles Genest, MS has become critically ill.  Let us accompany him with our prayers. 
Reunion -- Yvonnique

Je vais bien ainsi que ma famille, Notre rencontre c'est très bien passée, je vous dirai plus prochainement.
Je vous dis bonne journée, et Merci pour vos prières, tout est rentré dans l'ordre, la Réunion respire 


I and my family are well.  Our general meeting went very well.  I will report more soon.  I wish you all a happy day and express my gratitude to you for your prayers.  Every is back in order, the Island of Reunion breathes fresh, friendly air.