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mercredi 20 juillet 2016


We invited a couple of our parish who will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary shortly, to join a Holy Land Pilgrimage on December 1, 2016.  After thinking about the privilege that it would be to celebrate their 25th anniversary in Cana (where Jesus attended a wedding and changed the jars of water into wine) they indicated that they would join the pilgrimage. 
Then the terrible terrorist attack that took place at the Istanbul airport terminal happened and so they decided not to pursue joining the pilgrimage.

Such a reaction was so different from the chorus that we heard from the pilgrims who joined us in previous years, including last year:  "If I had allowed the comments of my friends about the dangers in the Holy Land to discourage me I would not have gone. My experience was so different from the warnings of my friends and relatives. It was very quiet in the Holy Land. I am so glad I did not listen to them." (By Tessie Hatten)

Another said: "Yes my wife did not want to go because she was afraid. But I told her that 'I am going' even without her." (Del Burgos.)  His wife joined the pilgrimage and said: " I am glad that I decided to join. This is an experience of a life time."

One thing is sure: The Agency of Pilgrimages will not put the pilgrims in harm's way. Have you ever heard in the news about a group of Holy Land pilgrims who encountered such danger? People go to the Holy Land to visit the places where Jesus was born, walked and preached. Would Jesus put us in harm's way?

This particular pilgrimage is also a response to the invitation of the Mayor of Bethlehem (she is a Catholic) who is inviting christians particularly catholics to go to the Holy land to show the Christians in Bethelehem the value of living a Christian life.
At this moment we are signing up people who are interested in providing an example of Christian focus on the presence of God in our lives. This is a time when Christian Witness is more needed than ever.  It is a time when the public puts its faith on the table before the world in an echo of the prophet Isaiah's cry, "Send me!"

I'm going.  Be with me.

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