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samedi 23 juillet 2011


The third day of the Lay summit was a resounding success.  it ran the gamut from the table setting presentation of Inter-generational Catechesis to the teaching of Father Joe Bachand, MS about the connection between the Apparition and Catechesis.   The main event was a modelling of an inter-generational catechism class to show what it would look like.  This presentation showed what can be done successfully when addressing a catechism lesson to people of different ages and levels of maturity.  My source tells me that it was marvelous and that there was never a dull moment.
At a given point of the day, Fr. Bachand made the point that the Apparition is a powerful catechism lesson for everyone.  He explained how Our Holy Mother gathered the children close to her.  How she told them the story of her Son and how He feels about our behavior.  Her entire discourse to the children is in story form.  Catechism, according to Fr. Bachand is precisely that, gathering around a teacher and listening to the story of Jesus.  True catechism always ends with the sending.  As he mentioned in his first teaching, Fr. Bachand reiterated that catechism is invitation, training and sending.
Today, Father Ron Gagne took the floor and guided the assembly through a short video of the work of the LaSalette missionaries in North America these days.  This presentation had a deep impact on the community.
The event was brought to a close by a celebration of Mass by the bishop of Atlanta whose homily was all the more touching because it was built around his personal, "coming of age" testimony.  

Several of the participants of this first annual Lay Summit will be present in France at the International Meeting of Lay LaSalettes starting on September 1, 2011.  This blog will continue to be available to you at all times.  We invite you to subscribe to the official site of La Salette for continued information, not only about North America but about LaSalette around the world.