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lundi 25 juillet 2011


The California Girl has arrived from Georgia and the Lay Summit of 2011.  She is still walking on cloud nine.  She is full of stories and full of the Spirit Who moved powerfully in every venue of the event.  There is one even which really got to her and she has pictures of it.  We will try to capture it for you so that you too can be moved.
The same presenter who had the pictures and the teaching that they backed up, also shook the house by showing a large sign with the above sentence written on it.  Before he showed it, he recruited three volunteers from the audience.  When they presented themselves, he directed them to turn around and face the audience.  When they had turned their backs to him, he showed the sign.  He then instructed the three volunteers to listen carefully while he explained what they were to do.  He told them that there was a sign behind them.  When he gave the word, they were to run around, read the sign and speak the sentence out loud.  He said that when he said, "Turn around" that they should do that and follow the instructions as he had given them.  So the did.  They turned around and spoke the words out loud.  What do you think they said?
There is no wrong answer, but what you think they said is what some of them said, just exactly what some of you have thought.  Others (one) said what some of you also said.  It all depends on how you look at it at the moment that you see it.  Since it is Summer time for most of you, it is perhaps unlikely that anyone thought, "God, I snow here."  If, however, it were Winter, maybe someone with a little bit of wit would think that.  But it is very likely that the most common readings would be "God is nowhere," or "God is now here."  The lesson can be very powerful in the right circumstances.  In the case described above, two of the volunteers said "God is nowhere" and one, the youngest of the three said "God is here now."
The lesson is also part of the attitude that Our Lady brings with her during her apparition at LaSalette.  Notice that in her message, she constantly makes Jesus present by calling Him "my Son" and making sure that she speaks of Him as though He was there right by her side.  "His arm is so heavy that I can hardly hold it back any longer." So, let this be an exhortation to live with "God is now here."  It is what Our Lady told us to do during her apparition at La Salette.