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mercredi 5 octobre 2011


News first:
Isabel Dion, delegate from North America made a short 45 minute report to the Lay Associates of North America about the two weeks of prayer and learning that took place at the First International Gathering of Laity at La Salette in France.  Everyone listened intently.  At the end, many handshakes and pats on the shoulder expressed the satisfaction of the audience with the presentation.  Everyone present received a small token souvenir from the Holy Mountain.  The members of the Board of directors were given a CD containing all the important information that was put on the table during the Gathering.

It is impossible for me to express in words the depth of the gratitude that I feel every time I am embraced, slapped on the back and treated with respect and politeness by the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette who know me.  Not only is their respect expressed toward me but toward my beloved spouse, Isabel.  All we can say is "Thank you."

Danny Newman, a young boy of 15 who is very sick.  Danny is the nephew of my brother-in-law, John Moriarty.  Let's intercede to our Mother Mary on his behalf.

The son of Rosario and Joe Manligot needs our prayers.  He is fighting the drug demons.  Rosario didn't give me his name.  The teen-age boy has been placed in the capable hands of one, Robert (Bob) Garon and his team of drug rehabilitation professionals in the Manila area of the Philippines.  Bob has spent the majority of his life helping young Filipino people to get out from under the influence of drug use.  Bob too, and his spouse and his team need our prayers and our support.  The Mangligot family has been by the side of the La Salette Missionaries for years.  They too need our prayer support.  
When you pray for me, pray for Bob too, we are classmates.

Marcel Douillard (Brother Luc) who is in Silang, Cavite suffering from dementia.  Many of you who are reading this know Brother Luc.  He was one of the very first La Salette missionaries to reach the province of Isabela, Philippines.  He and his brother, Father Paul are remembered to this day as valiant and holy carriers of the Good News to the hard working population of the Cagayan Valley on Luzon Island.  Marcel is in Silang with so many of his fellow missionaries, and, in his case, his loving and devoted spouse Gina.  Please pray for this suffering family who still has an adult daughter who resides in the United States.  When you pray for Brother Luc and his family, please remember also to intercede for the La Salette Missionaries who never abandon those who serve as well as those who served.  If you seek a place to share your talent and your treasure, please think of the La Salette Missionaries.  Marami kayo na mayrong utang na loob sa mga La Salette Missionaries.  Hwag niyo nakalimutan sila, paki... 

Father Maurice Cardinal, MS is doing well in his recovery.  He needs continued prayers so that the follow-up care given to him will be successful.  We will be visiting him in a day or two.

There is a medical mission planned for Santiago, Isabela in January of 2012.  The professional in charge is Jessie Cristobal and she lives in Riverside, California.  If you are interested in joining her and her team for this very important mission, you can email me and I can put you in touch with her for more details.

That's enough for now.  I'll be back.  
Peace and joy to you all.