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vendredi 16 mars 2012


That's a deep question.  I received an e-mail the other day and I opened it just now because I was busy doing something else for God. As it turns out I got a very touching communication from a friend who inhabits one of the four corners of the planet.  I know, it's a round planet.  But it so happens that this lovely person inhabits one of the "corners." The question has a lot to do with emotion.  The deep emotions that welled up in me while reading the narrative.  It was not like it was from afar.  After all my heart isn't that far away.  Neither is hers. It's not as though this is a strange feeling for any of us. We all have people whom we love living in one of the "corners" of the world.  Despite the wonders of communication that we have these days, there is nothing as close as a thought or a dream or an expression of love.  The thing is, I happen to have a fairly large number of these loving friends all over the place.  I mean, think of Brian or Paul in Australia.  Yes, Australia, and in fact, Tasmania.  Do you now that there are REAL Tasmanian Devils?
I know one of them! :-)!  Russia; Philippines, of course; Japan, Africa, like in Angola; Madagascar.  The fact that I can name them and remember them and still know that there is mutual love still burning in our hearts is quite a reality to carry around in my head.  Especially since there are some individuals who live three houses down whose name I know but wish I didn't.  So, whose farther away?  Sometimes it the one three houses down because that's the one who sets my breast afire and I have to keep remembering the second half of the greatest commandment "...Love your neighbor like you love yourself."  I don't have to do that for the Tasmanian lady.  Nor for the one who lives in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Why do I hurt with and for the one suffering in the Philippines and feel pity for the "Three Houses Down" individual?  Yes, there is a difference between the two. This human mystery is important to me.  I believe in the communion of all people.  That should make the distance between me and everyone else the same.  Sadly, it doesn't.  So, I guess I have some work to do before I go horizontal for good.  You bet.
Finally, I have to tell you that this is the kind of spiritual introspection you get when you are Catholic and go to confession, like I did.  It's the greatest feeling in the world. It lights your fire.  Makes you reread Psalm 51 and makes you realize just how close you are to some and how far from others.  Best of all, it makes you resolve to make things more equidistant in your life.  Remember when you come to my funeral, I will have reached perfect equidistance, by default, of course.  Now tell me, what's to cry about that?