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samedi 4 février 2012


Result Quirino Jan 2012 Mission
Surgeries Jan 2012 Vision Mission
This is a medical mission report from a graduate of LaSalette of  Santiago, a La Salette Mission school.  she now resides in the San Diego urban area of Southern California, USA.

All below in the words of Tess Paje.

Hello Paul,
    For now I regret to say I can't do what you are asking me but this is all I can share with you. Indeed, thanks for the thought. Haven't been physically healthy for the last 10 months and am supposed to prepare and condition myself for my upcoming surgery which I should have done a few months ago. I have a disease called OPLL.   [This is a spinal condition that is not common, but not considered rare. It occurs more in Asian men than anywhere else.]  God has been sustaining me in my condition lately even during the medical mission. According to my doctors’ (3 doctors) prognosis, I should not  have the mobility I have right now but God is good...I asked them if they believe in miracles. Although I have pains every now and then, I can still function normal. This OPLL disease would lead to paralysis if not cured.  Because of this I am still praying about it and as to what should I do. Haven't been driving for almost 10 months now because of my neck.   Even with surgery there's no guarantee of recovery.  Needless to say am praying to God about should I proceed with the surgery or not. I have to be prepared for the worst thing to happen. I always claim that God is the ultimate healer..
    Allow me to give you an update of the mission. It was held in Mangandingay Cabarroguis,  Quirino Jan 11-15, 2012. We had the main event held in Mangandingayy (4 days) and in Madella (1 day).  We originally targeted 1,500 indigent people but by God's grace we were able to provide services to 1, 625 disadvantaged Filipino receiving free vision care, 1,602 receiving graded eye glasses and 16 people received eye surgeries with 30 more to be done in the next month.
    I was the main sponsor (the Paje-Luluquisen family) and the San Diego Premier Lions Club that I chartered in 2007. I brought the love and financial support of friends and family from San Diego  to the people of Quirino.  I thank God for all His provisions and guidance in the success of this Mission. Praise God and to God be the Glory!!!! I believe that God orchestrated everything. He blessed every participant from the littlest to the biggest contributors. Matthew 28:18-20 was reflected in this mission.  We also partnered with several churches as we delivered the Gospel to the people through our outreach ministries (children to adults).  I would like to acknowledge the participation of my best friend from San Diego (Lucy) and my sister Amy. There were two families who truly worked in Quirino to make this possible (Wilma Garingan and Olympia Rueda). About 4,500 people showed up at the event at an average of 1,000 a day. I was sad that we were not able to provide everyone this kind of service so much so that I am determined to go back again that is if I recover from my illness. Pretty much the recipients were from the whole province of Quirino.  Almost all the neighboring towns were included in this mission and I am very thankful to all the help of friends, former classmates and their families in Quirino. It was an overwhelming success indeed and we were very thankful to their very warm reception and hospitality. God was honored, glorified, and worshiped with everyday praise and worship services ( live music and band) We were also grateful for the support of the provincial hospital through the leadership of Gov. Cua and Dr. Felesisimo and the volunteer doctors: Dr. Levi San Buenaventura, Dr. Leandro Domalanta, and Dr. Acson.

Let us pray for Tess and for her generous companions.  She is living the true spirit of the La Salette mission.