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samedi 27 août 2011


Non c'e altro che da viaggiare.  There's nothing   left but to travel.  Father Arnel Macabio,MS imparting the travel blessing upon Isabel M. Dion on the eve of her departure for the International Gathering of La Salette Lay Associates from around the world.  The small folded box that she holds close to her body is full of the petitions of the faithful parishioners of St. Christopher Parish in Moreno Valley, California.  These petitions are being brought to be placed at the feet of Our Holy Mother as a sign of unity and love and hope that with Our Lady of La Salette, things get done.  We named this the 10th day of the Novena because we guarantee that the prayers have not stopped.  Blessings from hugs all around.  Assurances of prayers that no silly hurricane was going to make life difficult for Belle Dion.
Since it is already 23:00 on August 27, you will all be getting this on the calendar day of our departure.  As of this date, there will be many of our beloved Saletines in the air.  We thank you all for accompanying us with your sincere prayers.

It is possible that this blog would suffer a little jet-lag.  Don't be discouraged, news and pictures will continue.  Not only here but one the two other important Internet sites which I present to you again because they are very important.

The first one is maintained by our Brazilian brethren and is fundamentally composed in Portuguese.  It does have a button that allows the reader to get an instantaneous translation of the site.  For those of you who received the second one outside of the United States, I have no idea what the possibilities are of receiving in your vernacular.
This blog is basically written in poor English, as you've come to appreciate.  There are many reasons for that, not the least being that the vast, I say again,  VAST majority of the readers are more at ease in English than in the other three or four languages prominent at the gathering.  If I take a fit and go with another language, I'll give you fair warning.

Updates:      Fr. Maurice...I have texted some missionary friends about him and not received any response.  If any missionaries on the mailing list want to provide us some info, please do so.

                  St. Christopher parish is working hard at the preparation for the September 17th celebration in Moreno Valley.  There is some heavy duty "marketing" going on.  Y'all better plan on being here.

With all that, we throw ourselves into the arms of our guardian angels and hope to see you on the other side.