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jeudi 25 août 2011


Hello to all.  This is the last day of the novena preparatory to the serious business of boarding airplanes and, in some cases, flying over half the world.  Some will see no sunlight for 12 or 14 hours.  Some will see no night.  Some may even arrive at their destination before their time of departure.  Ah, the marvels of 21st century travel.

I find myself in need of begging your pardon for the transmission of the novena last night.  It seems that I forgot to attach the link to the prayers.  So now you have the two last days of the novena with but one link.  Day 9 on top and day 8 below it.
Furthermore, on the PowerPoint file that I sent yesterday, I think I forgot the name of Piotr Zaba from Switzerland.  I got confused with so many revisions and reconstructions that I found myself forgetting things and committing errors.  Please forgive me.  Better that I sin now so that I can be forgiven on the Mountain.

By the time you get this Father Maurice Cardinal, MS will be in the hospital beginning the ordeal of surgery to remove his left eye due to a cancerous lesion that migrated to his eye cavity.  Father is not a young person, so we beg Our Holy Mother to intercede for his quick and complete recovery.  We will inform you of his progress as it becomes communicated to us.  
Father Maurice has been assigned the responsibility of being the spiritual guide of the Lay Associates Community in California.

Once again, welcome to all those who have been added to the mailing group for this blog.  Thank you for your prayers.  The prayer list as usual [I forgot last night] can be found by clicking here.

The 9th day of our novena.

9.      Reconciliation
         Luke, chapter 15, verse 20   The father ran to his returning son
         2 Corinthians, chapter 5, verses 19 and 20    Be reconciled
             Mary at La Salette is a reconciler.  Am I a reconciler like her?  
             Do I forgive as readily as the father of the prodigal son?

                                 MEMORARE TO OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE
Remember, Our Lady of La Salette,
true Mother of Sorrows,
the tears you shed for us on Calvary. 
Remember also the care you have taken
to keep us faithful to Christ, your Son.
Having done so much for your children,
you will not now abandon us.
Comforted by this consoling thought,
we come to you pleading,
despite our infidelities and ingratitude. 
Virgin of Reconciliation,
do not reject our prayers, but intercede for us,
obtain for us the grace
to love Jesus above all else.
May we console you by a holy life
and so come to share the eternal life
Christ gained by his cross.  Amen.