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dimanche 7 août 2011


This is the season when a parish under the guidance of the La Salette Missionaries has its annual Ministry Fair.  It is a time when the church courtyard is prepared with tents to protect the leaders from the scorching Southern California sun.  They have tables, snack foods to sell and drinks.  They decorate the tent and the table with colorful pictures and have sign-up sheets for people to indicate that they want to join the community in the ministerial work that is represented by the people in the tent.  Besides the "usual" Catholic Parish fare, this parish has some ministerial outreaches that it thinks are unique and challenging.  Besides that, this year a new one is making an appearance.  About which, more later.  Here are the names of some of the work that our lay people do for the spiritual welfare of the St. Cristopher Parish [that's our name] faithful.
First is the Adult Sessions of religious formation that the parents of the children who are registered in the Faith Formation Program for children must attend.  This is an eight week program.  The first four weeks are consecutive and are offered for parents only.  The other four are divided into four other seasons during the normal school year.
Second is the Adult Faith Formation Program that has several components.  There are two six weeks programs that feature presentations on some basic doctrines of Catholicism, tailored for adults.
There is one entire week devoted to presenting topics tailored for the enlightenment of adults concerning Catholic Living.  A series of outside speakers is included in this program.  The other stuff is meat and potatoes that everyone else has, like Bible Study 101, Welcome Home and the RCIA.
There is also a Dramatization Ministry Community on campus.  Adults and children, of course.  Very active and very effective. 
We have what is called The Committee of Social Solidarity.  It deals with social issues like unemployment, job training, immigration and the education of people preparing to enter the work force.  Finally we have a ministry to those people who have been found eligible by the court for alternative sentencing.  All these things are apart from the run of the mill normal ministerial work that goes on universally.
Finally, this year, we are prepared to invite the members of our congregation to the La Salette Lay Associates Community.
There are many of the parishioners here who have been working side by side, shoulder to shoulder with the La Salette Missionary priests for many years.  These people are loyal to God, to our Weeping Mother Mary and to the Church.  We think that these faithful disciples should at least be introduced to the possibility of actively sharing the spirituality of the La Salette Missionaries.  In this area, we join the many La Salette guided parishes around the world.  We ask, therefore, that you think of us in your prayers.
Two important things are on the calendar for the La Salette mission here in Southern California.  One, there is a big celebration of the 165th anniversary of the Apparition that will take place in Moreno Valley, California on September 17th of this year.  This will take place on the St. Christopher church campus and last all day.  10:00 AM starts the day off with Mass and there will be many other activities that day.  You have all been invited to bring a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary that is special to you ar to your family and it will be displayed in the meeting hall.  During the afternoon the La Salette Lay Associates Community concept will be communicated to you and meaningful material will be distributed.
Two, Isabel Dion has been desigated as a representative of the La Salette Lay Associates Community at the International Meeting of La Salette Lay Associates at the site of the Apparition in France, from September 1 through September 10.  She will be back in town for the 165th anniversary celebration in Moreno Valley, to which all of you are invited.
I don't want to let you go without some souvenirs of the Ministry Fair.

It was a great day.  Our Lady of La Salette was very generous with her love on this day.
Several people asked about the process of joining the Lay Associates Community.  
There was a lot of food.  It's cultural.  The faithful of St. Christopher love to cook and prepare food to help one another.  There are people in the community who consider the preparation of food for events like this to be their calling.  They were out in force today.  They even came up with a new one on me.  Click here to find out about it.  
See what's in store for you on 9/17!  Don't miss this one.