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mardi 16 août 2011


This unposed, "stolen" shot says a lot.  Left to right we see the Pastor of St. Christopher Parish, Moreno Valley, California, Fr. Joven Junio, MS.  Then there is Ronette, Cathy and Rosa  [ F - W - M ].  In true Filipino style, of course, we take his picture,and theirs, while it is time to eat.  He happens to be at the table where the culinary contributions of the African Americans are offered.  You'll notice that the African Americans are conspicuously absent from their own table.  Hmmm?  Actually, to be kind and fair about it, they were all gathered around the Mexican and Filipino fare.  Just as two Filipinos, a Caucasian and a Mexican are regaling themselves here.  What you are seeing here is the "show and tell" part of a reflection day that featured four 60 minutes - long presentations by people of four major culture groups in the Saint Christopher Parish Community.  It was the first of three importrant multi-cultural events scheduled for the formation in the faith of the faithful in this huge parish under the tutelage of the La Salette Missionaries.  Those of you who follow this blog already know that this is a very special year for "Salettinians."  This first event was but the beginning of about six or seven weeks of landmark events here and elsewhere to mark the 165th anniversary of the Apparition.  
The second large multi-cultural event will take place in Moreno Valley, on September 17, 2011, Saturday, when many of Our Mother's "People" will join to celebrate the 165th anniversary of her apparition to two young cowherds at La Salette in France.    This is an event to which all of you are invited.  This invitation also contains a challenge to everyone to invite a friend, of any religious conviction, to participate in the celebration.
There will be an added attraction during this day.  There will be a collection of pictures and statues of the Virgin that are especially meaningful to people from different parts of the world.  You are invited to bring your favorite for display.  Mark it well so that you can easily locate it before you return home.  The last time such an exhibit took place at Saint Christopher, it was the result of an inspiration given to Father Ronald de Guzman, MS,  some five years ago.  It was a booming success.  We have pictures to prove it!  So, good ideas are worth emulating.  Let's do it.
There are but two weeks left before the departure of the representatives of the lay associates of North America headed for the International Reunion of Lay La Salette Associates from around the world.  They will be gathered for two full weeks at the site of the Apparition itself, deep in the French Alps.  This blog, as well as the Newsletter from the official site which I encourage you all to visit and to bookmark is  will furnish you with updates from the meeting on a regular basis.  You will find many good La Salette things there from around the world. 
I personally am looking forward to meeting many La Salette Missionaries, some of whom  have not seen in fifty [yes, 50] years.  I think that I should make myself a name tag with an avatar.  What do you think?
Now it is time for Isabel's French lesson, so I'll drill her some more and get back to you a little bit down the road.