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dimanche 18 septembre 2011


One of the favorite personal stories that was told from the head table during a plenary session of the Rencontre at La Salette was the following.  It was told by the leader of the Presentation for the day.  he was talking about some ritualistic behaviors that would take place at his home when he was growing up.  Since he was born and brought up in a household where Our Lady of La Salette was the Queen, there was always something going on for September 19.  His big question at the time was, "Why September 19?"  He would always get an answer, but bright boy that he was [still is], he kept nagging for a better answer for a long time in life. Why September 19?  Why the 19?  Finally, one day his mother, in exasperation told him, "I don"t  know.  Go ask the Blessed Virgin why she does things.  So, he went to the Queen and asked.  Imagine his disappointment when she didn't give the the answer he wanted right then and there.  Now, Our Boy is not easily deterred.  He kept asking and, he says, after many years, he finally got the answer.  September 19, 1846 is the only day in their lives that Melanie Calvat and Maximin Giraud were together, working at the same place at the same time.  So, as Father Adilson tells it, Our Mother, Mary struck while the iron was hot.  He has lived all his life in the company of Our Lady of La Salette and he is happy with her answer.  I am too.
So that was September 19, 1846.  It has been 165 years and the work still goes on.  Much of it starts in a family and stays there.  Father Adilson comes from such a family.  So does my spouse.  So do I. My father was a La Salette seminarian in Hartford Connecticut.  My mother and her siblings were all baptized by La Salette Missionaries in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  Her father, my grandfather worked for the La Salette Missionaries as the cabinet maker and maintenance overseer for fifty years.  The same school that we all attended for over 70 years...three generations.  We are not alone.  It is the grace of La Salette.  It is no wonder that we are known for the grace of our generous and warm hospitality.  We can't help it.  With Mary as the head of household, how else can you be?  We're all family.   I am comfortable with September 19.  I am glad that Mama Mary waited for these two children to work together.  It makes the story so powerful that it warms the heart of the entire world.  So, that's what I did today.  I played with Melanie and Maximin in God's sandbox.  God blessed the 19th.

We also went to visit Father Maurice Cardinal, MS.  He is doing fine.  He is in a convalescent home.  A nice one.  Clean.  Fresh smell.  Kind staff.  Maurice has founded a new parish.  I get the feeling that they may never let him go.  I also know that he has something to say about that.  He is scheduled to leave on Saturday, and he is not about to negotiate that away.  We respected his dignity and didn't take a picture of his face with a patch of his left thigh grafted onto his face.  We also respected his dignity by refraining from asking if they took the skin from the top or the...  He is doing well.  He also doesn't mind my correcting myself about his age.  I've been telling you that he is 86.  He proudly states that he is 87, going on 88 in December.  I stand corrected.  I did tell him one thing that I want you all to know...This is one of God's creatures who, at 88, is not old.
One last thing:  He appreciates our prayers.  He is also praying for all of us.  I assured him that it is mutual.  I know that I am right.  
Kadakayo amin iti Isabela.  Naoneg unay koma ti utangyo a naimbag a nakem kenni Father Maurice.  Pangaasiyo, iloaloanyo isuna tapno nasayaatto ti tungpalanna.  Arakupenatayo amin isuna iti nakemtayo tapno mariknana ti ayattayo, uray no adayo ti pagyananna.