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mercredi 21 septembre 2011


I like this.  I like it because it is leaning forward.  It's like the little cars that are made to look as though they are slanting down.  They look as though they can outrun anything on the road just because they look like they are going downhill all the time.  Here the Beautiful Lady seems to be telling us, "Hey, I came here for a reason.  Let's go get 'em."  I like it.  It is not a collection of fearful, desperate tears.  Oh no, not her.  these are "fightin' tears."  Not that this lady would fight, I think.  nevertheless, I heard her tough words from the La Salette Rock, "If you don't submit I will be forced to let the arm of my Son fall."  What a word!  A word that we just can't stand these days.  "Submit?"  Ha!  Oh, oh.  Sounds like she means it.  So, with that forward leaning look, she is coming after us, wet handkerchief and all.  Believe me, it works.  A crying mother doesn't come to the cold mountains of the Southern part of Europe to take care of invalids.  No.  She comes to the well, to the tough, the rough skinned mountain dwellers who think that have the mountains tamed.  She comes to the swearing, cursing rough and tumble edge of civilization, uncouth, no doubt foul-smelling coveralled hayseeds of the day.  This is one tough little Jewish Lady that they had not counted on. She asks the sweetest, yet toughest questions.  "Do you say your prayers well, my children?"  You know that the question is for the parents more than for the children.    She came to change hearts, not bodies.  She did it.  The walls of the present day Basilica are covered with marble tiles thanking the Beautiful Lady for bringing a straying husband back home.   It says: "Gratitude to Mary for the return to God of a Father to his family.  This grace was granted immediately after we promised to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain.  1st of July, 1868."  Enjoy.


Cette image me plait beaucoup pour la simple raison qu'elle nous présente notre Belle Dame de La Salette penchée par avant.  Elle est venue pour la conquête, non pour atrahir notre pitié.  Elle est venue au milieu d'un monde rude, dur, indépendant qui ne savait pas dire trois mots sans poser le nom de Jésus dans la phrase.  Cette courageuse Belle Dame, juive courageuse est venue parmi nous pour nous défier de ne pas faire cas de ses larmes.  Elle n'est pas venue parmi nous pour guérir nos cancers.  Elle est venue a La Salette pour effectuer la conquête des âmes et des coeurs.  Les larmes de Marie sont le Jourdain qu'elle a apporte avec elle pour exiger notre repentir, a l'instar de Jean Baptiste.   Puis ça ne finit pas la.  Elle exige la conversion totale.  Le revirement de 180 degrés vers son Fils ensanglante et arrivant a la fin de la patience a cause de nos bêtises.  Prions pour qu'elle continue de nous protéger du courroux de Son Fils toujours miséricordieu.