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lundi 5 septembre 2011


What is the language at La Salette?  Is it French? Portuguese, German? Spanish? Russian? English? A dialect of India?  Italian?  Tagalog?  Does anybody know?  Everyone knows and no one really knows. There are many people here at this "Encounter," the title that has developed for this moment who are true polyglots. There are also those for whom there is but one language, the one that they took from their mother.  After all is said and done, there is another language that ultimately is the reigning one here, the language that comes from the heart and soul of the mystery of Our Lady of La Salette, the Mother of Jesus.  This convocation is a 21st century development of the attitude and the behavior of Mama Mary.  Here two people start to talk to one another and realize that there is a better way.  They either change language or slow down and start using signs with their hands.  Yes, even though they are not Italian.  One of the miracles of the event is that the participants do not constantly seek out companions who speak their language.  They prefer to see what they can accomplish by trying to get answers to deeply personal and spiritual questions rather than to seek their personal comfort.  This is a case where the action of seeking and sacrificing personal comfort is a language in and of itself.  In fact, it is an imitation of the behavior of Mama Mary during her apparition here at La Salette.  She appeared to two unschooled cowherds.  She began by speaking to them in French.  Along the way in her discourse, she used an expression that they clearly did not understand. She then remarked, "My children, I see that you do not understand.  I will say it in a different way."  She then began to speak to them in their dialect.  She did not ask for the Holy Spirit's intervention to give the children the grace of understanding like what we read about in Acts.  No.  She accommodated herself to them.  The miracle here is that throughout the rigorous investigation of the children following the Apparition, they never wavered in their relating of the facts, even those which had been spoken in French. 
I mentioned using hands.  What about facial expressions?  Clothing?  Body position?  Physical beauty?  All of these speak volumes in the case of the La Salette Apparition. A beautiful woman, sitting, wracked with the emotional pain of sorrow.  A woman who is weeping and shedding copious tears -- Wait.  Not just a woman for whom we would have some degree of pity, but our Mother.  Not just our Mother, but the Mother of Jesus.  She was wearing clothing in the style of all the women in the area.  She did speak French to begin with, but she showed that she also knew the dialect and was not afraid to use it.  To speak to the children she stood up and got so close to them that they would say that another person could not have walked between them.  Who would not listen to such a person?  Who could not believe her after such an experience?  
In our encounter with our brothers and sisters from so many parts of the world, Africa, South America, North America, Southeast Asia and Europe we too stand so close to one another that we have to stand in a tight circle or sit around a small table to exchange our expressions of mind, body and soul.  It is true that not all of us can qualify as beautiful on the outside.  Oh, there are some, but certainly not the author of this article!  Yes, we are all  here together and yes, we are communicating.  Not necessarily through an interpreter.  We trust ourselves and we trust our brothers and sisters to the degree that we know that understanding is taking place.  When comfort at this level happens, speech is only a part of the message.
Here are a couple of ways that you can get closer to the proceedings here at La Salette.  One is to got to the You Tube site and pick the download you like.  You will be able to see us on one or two.
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You can also email the group who is here, being educated and exchanging ideas for the good of the world wide community.  The address for that is
Please continue to carry us in your prayers.  
Here is what a holy man from St. Christopher Parish in Moreno Valley, California wrote to me after yesterday's report:
There is always someone who does not get the word.  Had I known motorcycles would be there, I would have attended.  Thanks for the update.