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jeudi 8 septembre 2011


I'll bet that you never saw this one before.  This is in the museum of the Basilica at La Salette Shrine in the Alps of France.  Someday I may get over being so intensely engaged in another pursuit that I will write a good 5 or 6 hundred word reflection about this picture.  I have some more to let you see anyway, so don't worry, I won't run out very soon.
This is striking because the artist puts the accent on the words of our blessed Mother at La Salette when she said that  the "...Arm of my son is getting so heavy that I can hardly hold it back any more.  If you don't submit, I will be forced to let go the arm of my Son."  You can see from the date on the picture that it is not extremely old.  It is however one of a kind and it shows a level of inspiration that is deep and rare.  This is also one of those times when an artist captures not only the mystery of the prophetic message of La Salette, but also succeeds in capturing the picture of the meaning of Moses' arms being held by Hur and Aaron when they had to hold up his arms so that the Israelites could carry the day in the battle that raged below.  Because of this team effort Joshua was able to wipe out the Amelekites and the Israelites were able to proceed on their way.  [Exodus, chapter 17]
La Salette is all about a team effort.  Mary helping us by protecting us against the retribution of her Son.  Mary interceding for us, telling us that unless we convert ourselves we will no longer be the recipients of God's mercy.  It is such a difficulty for her to see her Son coming to the end of His patience, that she can't hold her motherly tears back.  She comes to a place that is already being afflicted with bad harvests.  The people blame God for their misfortune.  Mary comes down and in very baldly black and white words, spoken in the local dialect, tells the world that it is not God's fault when things go bad for us.  It is we who introduce evil into the world.  It is God who created everything good and it is God who supports everything in creation by his goodness.  He even gives us His mother as our mother to see to it that we recognize His goodness.  What more can we ask for?  It's up to us.  She's there doing her part.  She's there holding up the arms of her Son so that we can win the battle against the evil that we practice with so much ease.  She's the driving force behind our reconciliation with her Son.  How can we not say "yes" to her echo of her Son's order, "Go and make disciples of all nations...teaching them all that I have commanded you..."
[Mt 28, 19 - 20]
News:  Thank you to Father Joven Junio, MS, pastor of St. Christopher parish in Moreno Valley for the kind thoughts, prayers and blessing.
Thank you to Justa Kubarii for her gentle email wishes and prayers.  She keeps comparing the view here with the view from her home land, Palau, a South Pacific Island.  One thing is sure, one or the other, it's all God's Country.
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