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mardi 17 janvier 2012


Letter from Anne-Marie, France:

"Thanks for all these news about Salettinians around the world ... it feels good, like Yvonnique was telling me, to feel the prayers of all, I'm stronger" ...
'Can you slip into the next post on the Lay Salettinian site this intention: to pray that  the meeting in Rome of our European delegates be fruitful and constructive.  The meeting is from January 19 to 22.  (This is to make the plan for the European meeting in September, 2012.  The site of the meeting is proposed as Salmata (Italy))
'Thank you and good meetings to all! "
Fraternally, Anne-Marie.
Certainly, we will launch a cry to the Lord and His Mother to grant the grace of a successful meeting.
One thing is sure, Father Giancarlo Berzacola receives this blog.  If he sends me a little bit of historical information about the parish and the Shrine of Salmata, I will publish it for all to enjoy. The novena for today is  below.  I will dedicate a page to each language. It's easier for the readers.
                SEVENTH DAY OF NOVENA

                     Make of your 
work a true 
to life

The work we do in a certain place, with certain people is a mission that God entrusts to each one of us.

It is therefore essential to take it as a true calling.

All our gifts, placed in the service of many,  will show us at our best and our life will edify people and encourage them to be at their best. 

This way we will be proclaiming the dignity of human nature.

One of our elder friends was in a vehicle accident today. Dr. Adoracion suffered a broken left arm and facial bruises from the inflatable bag.  She is fine and is humorously shy about her bruised face.
Please help us to pray for the five people who have joined the group of returning Catholics.  They came back for Christmas and have decided to "Come Home."