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samedi 10 novembre 2012

This is the introductory reflection of The Bishop of the Diocese of Gap where the shrine of the Apparition is located.  This is a translation into English from the original French.

The original French and pictures can be found at this link:

The original French also has the homily that was delivered by the Vicar for Religious life in the Diocese of Gap.  I will translate that too.  The words that were spoken that day around the bier of this young virgin are poetic and powerful at  the same time.  It is fitting that we should have this meditation during the month of All Souls.
I regret that there are some sections of the translation will not carry the impact that they do in French.  I leave it up to God and His Holy Mother to carry the meaning of the words to us all for our benefit.
It is miraculous that sister Odette is making the message known to All Mama Mary's people even in death.  Would that we would all be blessed with that Grace.

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